Q&A with Nicole Arbour

Love her or hate her. We just interviewed her. Comedin Nicole Arbour who has filled up social media news feeds most recently with people angry at her "Dear Fat People" video. Nicole answered a few of our questions on the subject and what #goteam stands for. 

Nicole Arbour welcome to your first Image 34 interview! Now just like your “Dear Fat People” Video starts by saying “some people are already mad at this video”. I am sure some people are already mad at us for featuring yourself! But we don’t really care as we absolutely LOVE your videos and we aren’t afraid to shout about it!


So starting off. Your “Dear Fat People” video has millions of views and is a viral video. Did you ever think the video would get that big?


I’d be lying if I said no.  I actually posted a photo of Babe Ruth pointing to the outfield on my Instagram (@ibnicolearbour) the day before I put that one out just so people didn’t think it was an accident. Lol. 


Did you ever think you would get the backlash that you did from the video when recording it?


You can call it backlash, but I call it engagement.  Haha.  It got a ton of engagement and started a huge convo while making people laugh which was the goal!  When recording it I was just having a lot of fun and shot like an hours worth that I cut down to six min.  I knew I was pressing a button that needed to be pressed so I for sure knew that there would be some heated people after watching it.


Are you afraid the video is all people will remember you for? Just like say Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter or Leona Lewis and X-Factor no matter what you do people will always come back with the “Dear Fat People” video?


Ok first off, I love Harry Potter so I’m happy it made it’s way into this interview!  I’m such a Harry / Hermione mix.  And to answer the question, absolutely not.  I’ve been in this industry my whole life and this is just the beginning of a new phase.  I’ve been lucky enough to get over 75million views on my videos in about the last 30 days.  This was one of the videos.  I already posted other ones since that got millions of views within 24hours.  This is just one hit single on the album of my career, and I’m really happy at all the new teammates and fans it attracted.


For those who didn’t watch the video all the way through what did you want to achieve with the video?


LOL’s of course and at the end the real message of we love our friends and family and want all of them around as long as possible so make good choices.  It’s funny that no press ran with the story, “Youtuber makes new kind of motivational comedy with a twist of heart!” …because that doesn’t make people click.


Do you stand by the fact you say there is no such thing as fat shaming?


There’s no such thing as shaming period.  Everyone needs to chill the fuck out and just kill that word.  It’s so ridiculous.  Are we all 5?  “He’s shaming me teacher!!”  Just grow up.  The entire thought process that someone else can shame you is bull.  Shame is something only you can put onto yourself by definition of the word!  No one can shame you.  And, if you’re proud of yourself in whatever it may be, if someone tries to “shame” you, which again makes no sense, it shouldn’t effect you because you don’t care.  Shaming is a victim mentality word.  Seriously I hope it dies soon.


I see on my Facebook feed all the time pictures of Marilyn Monroe next to a picture of say Kiera Knightley or Lindsay Lohan saying one isn’t a real woman. If we posted it the other way round people would say we were being rude or offensive. Do you feel skinnier women are also insulted by fat people?


Of course they are, hence the hilarious double standard and hypocrisy in everyone flipping over fat shaming.  If it’s really about “body positivity” then why can only overweight people use the term?  LOL.  What it really is is “I can do whatever I want and say whatever I want but you can’t because you aren’t one of us.”  I’m called a skinny bitch, really fit girls are called gross and too muscular, but if you say even the word fat, it’s an uproar.  Fat isn’t a swear word.  I call bullshit.  We should all make fun with and of each other equally. 


Michael Sweeney