Callum Melly "How To Loose Weight Over Christmas"

It really is as simple as calories in vs calories out when it comes to weight loss; ok, maybe it is a little more complex as you also need the right balance of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) to ensure the weight loss is a result of burning stored body fat and promoting lean muscle growth with the addition of exercise. What makes this harder over the Christmas period is the abundance of sugary and fatty foods, but with persistence and good preparation, there is no reason why you should miss a workout or not eat a healthy and nutritious meal.


So, the first thing you need to do is get active and I always recommend a fasted LISS (low intensity steady state) workout in the morning in order to target burning stored body fat as energy and start your day in a calorie deficit. In order to optimize LISS cardio you want to be working at 60-70% of your maximal heart rate, on average you will burn around 100 calories every 10 minutes if working close to 70% of your maximal heart rate. You can calculate your optimal fat burning zone with the equation below:



EXAMPLE (Callum is 27)


220 – your age = maximum heart rate


220 – 27 = 193


To find 60-70% of 193 you need to multiply 193 by 0.6 and 0.7.


60% = 193 x 0.6 = 115.8


70% = 193 x 0.7 = 135.1


Callum’s optimal fat burning zone is between 115.8 and 135.1.




I would also recommend a resistance/weights workout as well, this will further increase your natural calorie deficit from exercise and promote fat loss as well as lean muscle growth, which will ultimately lead to a shaped, toned and lean body. I have designed and developed the worlds first 8-week virtual personal training programme, “BODY IN 8”, in order to help people completely transform both their bodies and lifestyles in just 8 weeks. “BODY IN 8” isn’t just a quick fix, it’s a permanent lifestyle solution; you can discover more about my “BODY IN 8” programme at


As the saying goes, you are what you eat and it’s important to support your activity with a healthy balanced diet. Lean protein sources, healthy fats and a variety of balanced carbohydrates around your workouts will ensure you support your weight loss goals and promote lean muscle growth, repair and recovery. The Christmas period shouldn’t interfere with your current fitness regime, nor should it stop you starting one; the key is persistence and preparation and if you can nail these two factors, the results will follow.


Simple and easy food swaps over the Christmas period 


Christmas is often a time for home cooking and therefore healthy alternatives can be easily made. Turkey is one of the leanest protein sources available, so always get an extra large Turkey and you can prep some high protein meals for days following Christmas, some of my favorites include:


  • Turkey, cranberry and quinoa salad.

  • Turkey skewers with coconut milk and peanut satay sauce.

  • Oriental Turkey stir-fry with garlic, ginger and pak choi.


How about swapping your traditional roast potatoes for some sweet potato and pecan mash, drizzled with calorie free “The Protein Works Maple Flavor Zero Syrups” or roast sweet potato’s cooked in MCT (medium chain triglycerides) rich coconut oil rather than goose/duck fat.


Brussel sprouts always get mixed reviews, so how about sprucing them up with some chopped walnuts and smoked bacon lardons or a posh bubble and squeak with baby new potato’s, chopped Brussel sprouts, smoked bacon lardons and chantilly carrots.

Smoked salmon and king prawns are another traditional Christmas luxury, often enjoyed for brunch or as an appetizer; how about trying two of my favourite high protein and healthy fat meals:

Sweet and spicy king prawns, chili and mango stuffed avocado

Michael Sweeney