Beverley Knight’s tour proves she is a Whole Lotta Lady!

Beverley Knight brought her I <3 Soulsville Tour to Woking Theatre this Wednesday (4th October 2017).  I have never seen Beverley Knight before in a show or stage musical. Walking in we were completely blind not knowing what to expect. But I don’t think anybody could have prepared us for the show we received.


Kicking things off was Josh Daniel, which was a welcomed surprise as we featured Josh in issue 18 back in 2016, where he was fresh out of the X-Factor. We are pleased to say his voice is just as good now as that memorable performance of ‘Jealous’ that he performed on the X-Factor. Which grabbed the attention of Jay-Z’s label and artist Labyrinth himself. The singer of course sung this song amongst other new tracks taken from his debut album. One thing we noted the most, was the stripped back vocals from Josh. Where just his voice accompanied his guitarist revealing a softer side. With a new album on the way we can’t wait to hear his new material.  

Second up, sax player Yolanda Brown. Capturing the audience’s attention waking them from their zen mood created by Josh. It wasn’t long before Yolanda had the audience up out of their seats, learning a dance to what Yolanda calls ‘Posh Reggae’.  One of the hardest jobs of a support act is getting the audience ready for the main act. Where most audiences would just sit on their phones not paying attention, this wasn’t the case for the sax player. After showing her incredible talent with a saxophone, everyone was ready and in the mood for Beverley to perform.

Beverley’s house DJ followed Yolanda Brown playing a few hits in the background which filled the break before the leading lady’s entrance.



When Beverley Knight appeared on stage the crowd were straight out of their seats without being asked. Dancing and singing along ready to board what Knight called ‘The train to Soulsville’. We boarded the train along with everyone else, eager to see where the next 2 hour train would take us.

What followed was one of the most energetic performances we have ever seen. Seems Knight had to re-schedule her tour due to illness, she seems to have made a full recovery. Belting out hit after hit and brand-new tracks to her adoring fans. Part way saw Knight dedicating and covering a David Bowie hit flawlessly, greeted with a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience.

During the show Beverley brought back out her support acts to take to the stage during a costume change. When returning to stage Knight stopped Yolanda from leaving. Which then led to Knight singing to the sax player ‘Happy Birthday’ and presenting her with a cake! One thing we noted the most from this tour was Knight’s engagement with her support acts. She genuinely seemed to enjoy having them on stage with her. Where a clear friendship over music and the tour had formed. Which seems far from the pop acts of today who probably don’t even meet their support acts. This was something that stayed with us and something Beverley Knight should be credited for.

However, one of the sweetest moments we witnessed throughout the whole show, was actually from an elderly lady and what we assume to be her daughter. At first, the elderly lady remained in her seat as everyone got up and danced. But when Knight brought her show to an end asking if the crowd had any energy left? She was one of the first to start getting on her feet. Helped by her daughter to keep her balance, the remainder of the show saw  Mother and Daughter locked arms and enjoyed an upbeat finale.

As we waited for the predictable encore that seems to happen whether the audience wants it or not nowadays. The audience chanted and cheered a genuine want for Knights return. During the two songs of the encore the show ended as it begun, with Knights talented voice booming out across a loyal fan base (many who kept their tickets from the re-scheduled tour that was meant to happen in June).


After dancing, singing and clapping our way through the show. We can’t even begin to describe the energy Knight brings with her tour. There are two things for sure though, one we can’t wait to jump back on the Soulsville train again and two; Beverley Knight just like her jacket stated is a…

Whole Lotta Lady.