Interview: Naomi Smalls

When did those legs get so long!? 

N: I eat my spinach! But also good genes for jeans I guess ha.

Congratulations for your performance during the all of All Stars! How did you find All Stars to your season?  

N: It was very different. But I think me just having a better sense of self than I did coming into season 8.

Martin Zee - NAOMI_1.jpg

Do you feel everyone underestimated you? 

N: I think just going off of my performance from 8, yes. They just thought I was a fishy queen who wore kimonos and that’s it. 

What was your favourite look you wore? 

N: My finale look will forever be my favorite.

What was your favourite task? 

N: *whispers* Club 96

What did you think of RuPauls decision on a double crown? 

N:  It was a tough call! Everyone brought it this season. BROUGHT. IT.

Would you change anything you did? 

N: You mean like eliminating Manila? NOPE. lol