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Issue 25

Cover star: Miz Cracker

The first Drag dedicated issue.

She’s thin, white and salty… gracing our cover RuPauls Drag Race contestant Miz Cracker

Also in the issue
- Asia Thorne
- Naomi Smalls
- Lana Evoli
- Lydia L’Scabies
- Amanda Bang
- Gingzilla
- ES Swimwear Collection

Issue 24

Cover Star: Mike Petri

Singer Mike Petri takes to the cover of our refreshed look.
Also in the issue
- SuRie
- Hannah Trigwell
- Elena Ramona
- Libby Whitehouse
- Bo Carter Fashion
- Grace Horler
- Sapphire
- Tani Underwear Jorgie Porter
Frankie Davies

Issue 23

Cover Star: Elena Ramona

Starring on our cover for the first time Elena Ramona talks to us about her music career to date.
Also in the issue
- Rachel Rose
- Madi Rindge
- Catherine McGrath
- Logan Brill
- Miri Lopez
- Lina

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